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Legacy PR partners with businesses & individuals to tell their unique stories, promote & protect their reputations, and create value through communications.

Drive the conversation.

Ideas. Execution. Results.

Legacy PR is a General strategic Public Relations Agency. We help our clients drive brand awareness, manage their reputations and steer the conversation in order to realize the exposure they deserve.


Be Seen. Heard. Loved.

We assess the digital landscape and craft a unique approach that is sure to drive engagement, positive mentions and help Individuals, Brands and Organisations we work with stand out from the crowd.

Services We Offer

You deserve to take centre stage – get the promotion that your brand or business needs.

Brand Awareness & Strategy

We help our clients differentiate & win in crowded markets by implementing tailored PR strategies that are designed to set them apart.

Content Creation

With our team of designers, videographers & audio producers we create compelling content on your Brand that is designed to be shared, enjoyed & amplified.

Media Training

We prepare you thoroughly to get in front of the right audience, manage the process, and aggressively pursue results that promote your brand’s reputation.

Media & Influencer Relations

We engage the right people to tell your story the right way by leveraging our unmatched relationships with Journalists & Influencers that shape the perception of public.

Online Community & Social Media PR

We help our clients maintain and grow strong, engaged & vibrant online communities so they can connect directly with their stakeholders.

Reputation & Crisis Management

We help individuals, brands and organisations build, protect, and maintain a great reputation – particularly in times of crisis.

Our singular focus is to rapidly scale your awareness as fast as possible.

We strive to deliver work that engages, excites and gets people talking.

Telling your unique story.

We build genuine, long-term partnerships with brands, and organisations – helping them continuously guide their narratives and maintain healthy ongoing relationships with their stakeholders.


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