What’s Christmas without the traditions it brings with it? Every country has their Christmas traditions. However, in Naija, we have our traditions and when these traditions or rituals are not performed, it does not feel like Christmas.

Here are a few of those traditions you might be able to relate to:

Christmas hair and clothes.

You want to celebrate Christmas and you haven’t bought material and had it taken to the tailor to show her the style you want. Are you even serious about this season or not?

What about Christmas hair?

This is the season when you see children and adults with brand-new hairstyles and outfits. This is how you know they are ready to celebrate. Some adults also indulge in this as a way to celebrate. Families go as far as creating a budget for this so they will all slay on that day.


Father Christmas

Call him Santa Claus or whatever you want but over here, Father Christmas must be available. Children look forward to the man with a long white beard and a red and white cap. Do you know the best part? It is when you sit on his lap and he gives you gifts.

Adults might not sit on anyone’s lap and get gifts but there is an exchange of gifts through something known as ‘Secret Santa’.

I know many adults wish they were children so they could sit on Father Christmas’s lap and get gifts. Are you one of them?


Carol Service

Many organizations, especially churches, organize carol services. These services are usually fun due to the preparation and efforts that go into them.

Carol services are usually accompanied by great performances, singing, dancing and lots of food.


Christmas Rice

There is something about Christmas rice that is so different which is why we always look forward to it. Whether it is fried rice, jollof rice or rice and stew, there is a special taste to it. Most times this rice comes with a lot of side dishes. That is why a lot of people get full up to the extent that they cannot move.

Christmas day is a day to enjoy and that enjoyment includes stuffing yourself with lots of goodies.


Christmas Decorations

During this period, you are most likely to see a lot of bright lights and Christmas decorations. When you see these decorations, you know it’s time for the festive season. Even the air feels different. Every building you come across will remind you that Christmas is around the corner.

Lots of houses also like to decorate by buying Christmas trees and decorating them.


Could you relate to any of these traditions? And will you be practising any of them this holiday? Let us know in the comment section

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